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Jun 26, 2014

Efrat & Gush Etzion Hugging the IDF (video)

it is amazing how the situation has so unified the nation, and how much the nation loves and has embraced the IDF soldiers, almost completely.. here is one video that shows it, coming out of Efrat... set to the song of Udi Davidi, Panas Echad BaRechov..

and to that note I will add the content of an email sent to the BS list last night..
I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Beit Shemesh community on behalf of the Pina Chama in Gush Etzion.
Several volunteers from the community, both today and last week, have delivered huge amounts of baked goods, drinks, dried fruits and toiletries to the Pina Chama. Volunteers assisted from
Melabev, youth groups, and from the overall community.
You can not imagine how helpful this has been, and how much they appreciate all these wonderful packages!
Just today, one of the volunteers at the Pina Chama said “We can always count on Beit Shemesh”.
The Pina Chama not only sets up the baked goods for chayalim on hafsaka, but they also prepare and put together huge packages of your treats and send them off to different army bases in Chevron and the Gush Etzion areas.
We should be so proud to be living in such an amazing, chesed-oriented community!
Thank you again and a huge Yasher Koach to this wonderful community.
May we only hear Besrot Tovot.


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