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Jun 23, 2014

Another emergency app for hitchikers

In addition to the SOS app for smartphones developed in coordination with Hatzalah, another app has hit the market to save your life while hitchhiking in Israel.

The new app, already available for Android with an iPhone version coming soon, is called "Aliti Al Tremp" - עליתי על טרמפ - I got a ride.

Basically, when you are hitchhiking and get into a car, you activate the app. It marks your location and tracks you along the way every minute, until you get out of the car and disable it. If, God forbid, you should be abducted, or some emergency happens, you just click the button that says to send an emergency message. When you do that, the app will send messages to the people you out in as emergency contacts.

Download the app from the Google Play Store
source: Srugim

I know we all want to be cautious, but I am worried about paranoia developing. With all these apps, so far two in just a few days with probably more coming, dealing with emergencies, it might make people think it is dangerous to go out. But you can never be too safe. Especially when hitchhiking.

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  2. the True response to the Boys

  3. those hitching should do 3 things:
    1 text their location and the plate number of the car to a relative/friend before entering the car
    2 photograph the driver and send it to a friend/relative before entering the car
    3 ask the driver a question a person who is faking being religious wouldn't know, like, "What's in charoset?" or "What pasuk do we say at a bris milah?" or "In the song Echad MiYodea, what are numbers 5 and 6 for?"


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