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Jun 19, 2014

Quote of the Day

I did not ask for a security detail and I'm ready to give it up willingly, but I also understand that security was based on information that the police had. I would prefer that the police investigate seriously the threats and catch the perpetrators, but apparently it does not work like that and the police would rather not explore but just give me security.
The security detail reveals the nature of society in which we live - insensitive, intolerant and critical. Israeli society does not like to look at itself in the mirror.

  -- MK Hanin Zoabi (Balad - UAL), defending her statement about the kidnappers not being terrorists, and questioning the need for a security detail as a result of her statement

2 comments on what she said:

1. the first point quoted above is actually a very astute observation on Zoabi's point. One can find other examples of this in the police work. One that immediately comes to mind is how the police deal with Har Habayit. Instead of investigating threats of violence and dealing with people who get violent, they ban Jews from Har Habayit and stop prayer, because the Arabs might get violent.

2. I find it ironic that Zoabi calls society "insensitive" for rejecting her statement about terrorists not being terrorists. Does she not realize that she herself is being insensitive saying such a thing just days after a kidnapping/abduction that has riled up the nation? Even if she believes it, maybe the time to say it is not now (I heard her respond precisely to this point on the radio saying now is the only time - but she cannot complain about insensitivity and accuse others of it. Her insensitivity is far greater).


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1 comment:

  1. Gadol!!!! The Israeli security services can now keep track of her 24 hours a day.


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