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Jun 29, 2014

who is really paying too much for summer camps?

This is surprising.

The Haredim have been complaining that they have been excluded from the program of the Ministry of Education for summer day camps through the school system. Effectively it means the parents of kids in Haredi schools need to continue funding privately their kids day camps, while the MoE funds the day camps of kids in public schools.

On the opposite side of the coin, secular residents in Jerusalem are complaining (source: NRG) that they have to pay a lot of money for summer camps through the schools, while the Haredim only have to pay about a third of the price.

So, which is it - are Haredim being left out and paying more, or are the secular being made to pay more?

Maybe it is just everybody liking to complain and thinking the grass is greener on the other side?

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  1. The reality is that most (non-Anglo) Haredim are satisfied with much simpler things, so they don't need very big activities to comprise a summer camp. Because the secular have more exposure to media, and more varied recreation in general, their expectations for fun are much more demanding so that their camps need to include more trips and therefore are more expensive. Forgive me for generalizing but it seems to make sense in this case.

  2. MiriamS, add to that sector the growing Hardali and the growing dati-leumi torani sector. Living in a 'mixed' city, we don't want pool visits (and the cost of transportation to the pool) or tiyulim (more money), and are willing to have a fun learning option for an incredible price. A non-religious friend thinks I am depriving my kids. I don't need to to pay 1200 for a half-day of babysitting with a spatter of 'attractions'.


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