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Jun 18, 2014

Health Hazard: Vodka that will melt your brain

I actually ignored this article, as seeing it as almost irrelevant to my interests.. until someone pointed out to me that it is relevant due to being connected to Bet Shemesh...

the Health Ministry has issued a warning about a vodka on the market that is made in Bet Shemesh. The vodka in question is called "Moscow Vodka". The problem with it is that it has been discovered to contain 367 times more than the permitted amount of methanol alcohol.

367 times the amount of methanol alcohol allowed!

did you pick up on that?? 367 times!

I am impressed that after the irst batch was sold we did not hear of an outbreak of alcohol-poisoning related deaths...

The 200ml bottle sells, sold actually, for 20nis.
source: Ynet, YWN

it might kill you, but at least it has multiple mehadrin hechshers...



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1 comment:

  1. You made a little typo in the first sentence with an exclamation pint. You left out the word "methanol." It doesn't have 367 times the amount of alcohol, it has (if true) 367 times the amount of methanol alcohol allowed, which is not the same as ethyl alcohol. Methanol alcohol is poisonous.


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