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Jun 26, 2014

Gafni request Knesset Beit Knesset to be expanded

This picture depicts the overflow from the shul of the Knesset into the hallway. As you can see, MK Gafni couldn't make it into the shul either..

The Knesset has a small shul. As I heard on the radio, the increase in number of religious MKs and parliamentary assistants and other people who work in the building, have caused the shul to be small and inadequate. They used to get about 15 regular daveners, and now an average tefilla brings in 30-35 people, with sometimes many more. And on a special event, such as the tefilla last week for the abducted boys, it was extremely inadequate.

To that end, MK Gafni (UTJ) has requested from the Speaker of the House Yuli Edelstein that give orders to expand the Knesset Beit Knesset. Gafni says that on a normal day there are people davening in the hallway outside the shul because it is too full.
source: Bechadrei

I like it. I am happy to see so many more religious people participating, in whatever way, in goverance, in the Knesset. I hope it continues to grow. I guess it is a good thing we don't have a separation of shul and State here in Israel...

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  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Do they also have a Mosque?

  3. Same for the Airport shul - it's ridiculously small. I don't think the smallest store in the mall area is as small as the shul.

  4. I have now been told there is a mosque in the knesset. it is next door to the shul

  5. next door? now I know how they should expand the shul

  6. Don't know about this one. At work, we also have one shul that might overflow. For now, let them open additional times instead of having us foot the bill of millions. Are the MKs going to donate money for the expansion like regular people would have to?

    The prayer session for the kidnapped boys should have been held in the main hall.

    1. from what I now have been told, being that the shul is way too small, they held the prayer session for the boys in a conference room. that too got packed . the request to expand the shul has nothing to do with that session


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