Nov 17, 2014

Bet Shemesh to add another layer of recycling (video)

Iryat Bet Shemesh announced on its Facebook page that the orange recycling bin will soon be coming to Bet Shemesh.

The orange bin, as explained in the video below, is meant for the recycling of empty containers.

It might make life a little harder for us, having to separate all our trash into different categories and bins, but if it saves the world...

The question is if they are going to actually do anything with the contents of the orange bin or just take it to the same dump as the regular trash...

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  1. Dilbert commented on this a couple decades ago...Click here

  2. What kind of containers? Metal? Glass? Plastic?

    1. it is unclear to me, but it seems like plastic containers definitely, as well as cardboard containers. aluminum is what I am not sure about. in the examples mentioned in the video of types fo food containers, they mentions a can of cat food and the sketch of the can looks like it is an aluminum can.


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