Nov 25, 2014

Haredi MKs stop Israel from sending money to PA for terror

I'm surprised that it was only religious and Haredi MKs involved in this, but at least they stepped up.

Israel transfers to the PA money it collects in taxes for the Palestinian Authority.

Israel has frozen 22,000,000nis from the time of the war, and MKs want to use that money to cover some of the debt held by the Electric Company for unpaid bills by the Palestinian Authority.

Beyond that, these MKs are disturbed by the fact that the PA pays money to terrorists jailed and their families. They pay millions of shekels per month out to the families of 6000-7000 terrorists. Each terrorist receives from the PA 3500nis per month. This is higher than the average salary in the Palestinian areas. Financially, this gives them incentive to commit terror attacks.

The MKs, Mozes (UTJ), Zeev (Shas) and Strouk (habayit Hayehudi) filed a petition with the Foreign Affairs and Security Committee of the Knesset for an accelerated debate on the issue.
source: Bechadrei

At least someone isn't sleeping on the job It is incomprehensible that Israel should pass along money it knows in advance is going to be used for supporting terror.

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  1. One good working definition of Chillul Hashem is when you are embarassed to be a Jew.

    This makes on the list. What kind of insane government is this?

  2. B'H, the chareidim are trying to, at least, stop the insanity of "paying" the murderers of our people.

  3. Mashiach might come when the Haredi MKs become right-wing politically.


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