Nov 24, 2014

What to do with the terrorists bodies

According to this Times of Israel article, Israel has not yet given the bodies of the Har Nof terrorists to their families for burial. Israel is deciding what to do - perhaps not give over the bodies at all, as punitive punishment for the terrorist attack. The families of the terrorists are demanding the bodies, saying that Israel can punish in other ways, even destroying their houses, but they must have the bodies for burial, rather than the Israeli government burying them.

What do you think should be done with the bodies?

In my opinion, I think they should definitely not be given back for burial in a way that will give them a hero's burial. Meaning, even if the bodies are returned, it must e with restrictions, as has been done in the past as to how many can attend the funeral, when the funeral can take place, and maybe even where they can be buried.

I would also even be in favor of not returning the bodies, against the families wishes, and having them buried or destroyed in an unknown location.

I also think that perhaps while Interior Minister Gilad Erdan made a good move revoking the citizenship of that Eastern Jerusalem resident who had been involved in the Dolphinarium attack, it wasn't quite enough. Doing this so long after the attack does not really effect much deterrence. True, he was not Minister of Interior until now, and maybe now such measures will be taken quicker, I still think it is not enough.

What might be better is to revoke citizenship or resident status of the terrorists, and their families. And maybe even of the entire neighborhood or village they live in.

Another option would be to do what Yitzchak Rabin did once - Rabin, in 1993, banished 400 Palestinians to Lebanon. We could do something like that. Terorists, their families, maybe their communities, could be banished from Israel. Maybe not even to Lebanon, or Canada, but even to Palestine Authority territory, like Ramallah or Nablus. If they support them against Israel, they can go live there.

What would be an adequate punishment that would effect deterrence?

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  1. This:

  2. Not returning their bodies and burying them in an unmarked grave is definitely appropriate.

  3. I am in favor of whatever ACTUALLY WORKS as a deterent.

    I see no moral or ethical problem with shooting terrorists with "pig bullets" or withholding their bodies from burial (and/or cremating them and burying them in hidden graves with pig components).

    These terrorists have lost all right to claim that their bodies should be treagted with "dignity" after the way they have behaved toward other human beings.

    HOWEVER, we must investigate what truly works as a deterent, and not just try things based upon rumors that the terrorists might have a superstition against it.

    I recently learned from someone who has studied quite a lot about Islamic culture, that there is apparently no one, NOT EVEN A SMALL FRINGE GROUP, which actually believes that being buried with pig components prevents a muslim from reaching paradise (whatever paradise they happen to believe in).

    So, the PIG COMPONENT idea, which sounds like a great way to use their own superstitions against them, is apparently USELESS.

    We need methods which will make future terrorists hesistant to perform their horrific acts, not methods which punish some innocent or semi-innocent relative or neighbor of the terrorist. We should be punishing people who are actually guilty of a crime, and working to find ways which will deter terrorists from killing people (even if we use their own religious beliefs, or any other beliefs, against them).

    If the withholding of the terrorist's body (which seems to annoy the families of the terrorists) will actually deter future terrorists from performing their horrific acts, I am all for it. But, let's not get into another "pig component"-type planning effort, where such a thing won't affect the terrorists decision to kill people in any case.

    1. The pig bullet story apparently originates with Gen. John. G. Pershing, an American Army officer stationed in the Phillipines in the early 20th century when that country was a US colony. Some websites claim the story is a fable; others repeat it as truth.

  4. how about serious peace negotiations? think that might work?

    1. I think we all know by now that this idea is just pie in the sky.

  5. Best suggestion - under no circumstances, give them back. There should be a special plot of unmarked graves just for terrorists. By showing humanity to those who have no humanity is not only stupid, but sinful. Only with a position of strength, determination and pride will it deter this particular enemy. They have no respect for those who cave in to every demand; they just take advantage of it and ask for more, more and more. Stop giving them the green light to murder, meaning that police should do their job and put the fear of Heaven in them instead of the police harrassing and not protecting Jews, thus giving the go-ahead to maim and murder Jews, so there won't be a problem in this regard.


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