Nov 30, 2014

you reap what you sow, even in the IDF

According to INN, the Left is concerned that there is a takeover of the IDF going on by the religious.

All I have to say is that they started a process of bringing more and more religious people into the army, they will now reap what they sow. If they did not want so many religious people in the army, moving into leadership positions, they should have left the system alone. They thought they were fixing it, and it turned out not to their liking. Oh well.

You can't have everything. That's what I was always told. the Left can't have all the religious in the army, btu still retain control and run the army the way it used to be. The more religious people that join, the more religious people there will be moving into the running of the army.

You reap what you sow.

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  1. Rafi, I think your premise/initial understanding is mistaken. The speaker clearly says his (and presumably others') major concern regards soldiers from "settlements" התנחלויות. To the extent that these are 'religious' soldiers (and most would be), they are specifically Religious Zionists. These guys aren't concerned about soldiers from Bnei Brak (or even Beitar Ilit); they're concerned about the boys from Shiloh and Susiyah.

    There was never a special effort to recruit 'religious' soldiers from "settlements" in Judea and Samaria and Aza - because there was never a need for such an effort. Boys (and to some extent, girls) from J, S,and A/יש״ע always had nearly 100% enlistment; and always had very high numbers volunteering for combat units. In my time (the 80s) they commonly ended up as NCOs (I think most of my platoon from basic training did), with a few volunteering for officer schools. The number who volunteered for officer schools has continually and consistently risen over the years to the point where not long ago a training cohort in Bahad 1 was over 50% Religious Zionists, even though they're less than half that of the general population.

    What the Left really has to decry is their own de-emphasis of Zionism as a viable, driving political philosophy. Succeeding generations of Religious Zionists have steadfastly remained strong Zionists; while the succeeding generations of the Left have lost their belief in the/a Zionist cause. As such, the Religious Zionists continue to volunteer in large numbers while the Left has seen diminishing numbers.

    1. BTW, this Dr. Bar Or guy (I would call him Bar Hoshech) makes a distinction between "religious zionists" and "settlers"; but I think it is mostly a distinction without difference.

    2. This may come as a surprise, but I think that Rafi AND Mordechai are right. The left doesn't want "crazy settlers" nor kids from Bnei Braq (Elad, Beitar, etc.)

      They really do want their cake and to eat it, too.

      But, somewhere inside they realize that... 1) If Haredim start filling up the ranks, their own kids will have more exposure to "scary" things such as tefillah tefillim, and Torah. They will also have one less thing to complain about the Haredim.

      2) The same will come from settlers. They don't mind the "well behaved" settlers from Ofra, Bet El Alef, and Eli. They can easily use them as canon fodder (harsh statement, I know). They are worried about some of those from Harei Hevron and Gush Shchem, the ones who see through the State's attempts at indoctrination. The only use the left has for them is as targets of demonization and disloyalty to the "Holy State."

  2. what starts with one will move to the other. as more and more join, they too will no longer want to be only subservient soldiers, but will also seek out leading positions. some will love the army life, others will find it a good career, and others will make it a mission. if you insist on bringing them in, you must realize they will influence the atmosphere, eventually. if they are complaining about the religious zionists now, in 10 years it will be the haredim taking a lot of positions of leadership and changing the face of the army. think kol isha is an issue now? wait a few years and you'll see it get much worse.
    the mitnachlim are no different. they target one, but the new laws always affect everybody. They want everybody in the army, that includes mitnachlim. The mitnachlim join, and push their beliefs on their surroundings. Just like the secular do, just like the haredim will, and just like every group does. It is all the same issue.

  3. Halevai it gets back to being a "Jewish" army. In the last couple of decades there has been too much of deJudaizing of the military by bringing in non-Jews, etc. and trying to convert them into 'jews', r'l. Hopefully, one day the IDF will be a totally Jewish religious army, with no distinctions between any sector of the Jewish people, who are true patriots to G-D, Torah, Jews, and the Land of Israel.


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