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May 1, 2018

What did PM Netanyahu accomplish with his big speech?

From what I understood of PM Benjamin Netanyahu's big speech yesterday, he said pretty much nothing that was not already known and that had not already been said.From the perspective of the speech itself, I thought it was a little bit of a disappointment, a letdown, a bit underwhelming, considering the leadup to a dramatic announcement about to be made. There were all sorts of expectations, but it turned out to be relatively lame.

So what was this all about? What was the big deal?

I am not really sure, but I think the main point was to show Iran, and the world but especially Iran, Israel and the Mossad's capabilities of stealing so much information from right under their noses and sending all those files, discs and data back to Israel, without anyone even noticing. Iran thinks they can play with the big boys, but they look pretty stupid right now.

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  1. Scoring points by embarrassing Iran is one good reason, which is why the PM chose to reveal the info through showmanship; to in thrall the Israeli people and Israel's allies that Israel can reach into the bowels of other nation's most secret agencies--nothing is safe from Israel. To layout a justification for never believing what the Axis of Evil says but what they do. It is a message to Pres Trump on his upcoming agreement deadline and his upcoming negotiations with North Korea.

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  3. This clearly wasn't to give out intelligence information, I think that the theatrics had two purposes:
    1. To influence public opinion against the deal, particularly in Europe where leaders are sensitive to public opinion.
    2. To publicly embarrass Iran and send them a message that the Mossad is on top of them, and maybe build distrust within the Iranian nuclear program as now all employees are suspected of potentially being spies for Israel (wait for the public purges, even though I'm sure whoever was responsible is no longer in Iran)

  4. I think the primary purpose was to inform Trump. Trump believes/listens to what he sees on TV more than any other source.

  5. And yet ...
    Here's what Moshe Feiglin has to say:

  6. I think that the timing is connected to the mysterious (and enormous) explosion in Syria a few days ago, at what was allegedly a sophisticated Iranian missile factory built literally under a mountain: "Iranians, we have technical and intelligence capabilities you can't compete with and your repressive and incompetent government looks silly spending a lot of time and money on things that don't help you. World, just so we're clear, the Iranians are not exactly trustworthy, like, in case you thought they were, or something.


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