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Apr 29, 2021

be responsible

Yesterday the CoronaVirus Czar, Nachman Ash, said that while they decided not to put limitations on the numbers of people allowed to go to Meron and Kever Rashbi for Lag B'Omer, each person should take responsibility for himself and keep in mind that infected people (who have not been tested) might be there walking around - each person should consider that and decide for himself to go or not to go, and how to behave while there.

Fair enough.

And even though I saw some Haredi talking heads complain about this general warning, pointing out that nobody made any similar warnings regarding the Muslims on Har Habayit for Ramadan, etc, I think the warning is fair. I see nothing wrong with reminding people to be responsible.

That being said, maybe some other people can use a similar reminder....

According to Ynet, the limits on public transportation were officially lifted this morning (even though they were mostly not enforced all along). According to Ynet the buses are jam packed, filled with people.

I have no problem with that. The rules are the rules. If it has been determined that it is time that it is safe enough to lift the restrictions, so be it. Pack 'em in like sardines just like we used to. If you need to use public transportation, just eb aware of the situation and take that into account. If you have no other choice or if you are fine with it, if you are vaccinated or recovered and don't really care, gei gezunt. If you are concerned, for whatever reason, be aware of what you might encounter when the bus arrives, and plan ahead.

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