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Apr 19, 2021

vaccine based shidduchim

This is funny

This ad is for a new shidduch service.

This new service is in light of the concerns based on studies, studies conducted in Israel and abroad, regarding the [CoronaVirus] vaccinations causing problems with fertility, along with the decision of Rav Malkiel Kotler, a new shidduch service that is fertility-concern-free has been started. This is only for people who have not been vaccinated at all.

I am not sure what they mean by not vaccinated at all - meaning, not even one dose of Corona vaccine or no vaccine at all as all vaccines cause fertility problems?

Regardless of this question, I find this somewhat humorous. 

The Haredi community loves to threaten that if this or that does not work according to the way they want, think the conversion law, weddings and divorces, etc, they will have too establish a "sefer yuchsin" - a lineage book to keep track of who is who so they will know who is really Jewish and who can marry with whom. That is a threat they pull out. Just a threat. As if it is a bad thing. Yet here they (some people) go doing just that - keeping track of who is who and who can marry whom. They are basing it on a vaccine rather than on conversion status...which makes it seem just silly.

That being said, I do wonder how they will know if someone coming to seek a shidduch through this service is vaccinated or not. Will they require negative serological tests? What about people who had Corona already? Will it just be on the honor system?

Will anyone with fertility problems after marrying through this service be thought of as a liar? 

Somehow I do not think this they have found the solution to the shidduch crisis... but if it helps a few people get married, somehow by offering a smaller pool of potential mates, good for them. 

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    A team from the Hadassah-Hebrew University Medical Center compared ovarian follicle function in women who were vaccinated, who recovered from the virus and women who did not. The vaccine against the coronavirus, as well as the disease itself, does not alter female fertility. The study, which researchers describe as the first of its kind, is currently in the process of peer-review and has been published on medRxiv. (Jpost)

    1. Do the same study that is not bought by the pHARMafia - as Hadassah clearly is & you will get the OPPOSITE conclusion. You have much company in your dangerous naiveté....if Pfizer is an established criminal that has already been prosecuted for maiming and murdering millions - what would any sane person blindly offer his/her arm for their dangerously filthy concoctions?!?! At least READ the SICK ingredient list!

  2. A “washed brain” thinks everything serious is “silly”. Anyone who truly values optimal health & well being, as every responsible human should, is not afraid of not kowtowing to the murderous medical system by READING vax product inserts, studying the REAL history of vaccines, read some books, watch vaxxed & vaxxed Ii, and check out the MANY families who do NOT vax to make their own thorough assessment before throwing all caution to the wind and inject babies or anyone with diabolical filth & nanoweapons.

    1. You are a dangerous person.

    2. That’s not a helpful affirmation to say to yourself as you talk to yourself in the mirror....even if it’s true

  3. Ironically, although there is absolutely no linkage between the vaccination and female infertility, there is some evidence that contracting the Virus may effect male sperm count and male fertility issues.
    I.e., if unvaccinated people were to marry each other, assuming that a higher percentage of unvaccinated people have recovered from Covid-19, we would expect a lower fertility rate among the unvaccinated.

    But don't let science get in the way of the anti-Vaxx community

  4. Ita: B'H, to read some truth for a change. Yasher Koach and H' bless you for your chochma and truth! People have lost their basic common sense and it's good to read a common sense comment!

  5. pace Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr., it is becoming more and more apparent that Three generations of imbeciles are not enough.

  6. To all you smartalec's - it seems pseudoscience has gotten to you over your faith & trust in G-D!

  7. Wow! So many angry irrational people here!
    Half of you probably wouldn't be alive if not for the great strides of science & medicine in the last hundred years.
    Nebach so much belief in conspiracy boogy men. So sad.

  8. I regret my snarky comment. Now, I am just scared. https://www.nytimes.com/2021/04/20/opinion/coronavirus-vaccines-menstruation-periods.html


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