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Apr 28, 2021

blocking roads on way to Meron

I am not sure if this is quite like "cutting off your nose to spite your face", but it can't be too far off.

A yeshiva bochur was arrested yesterday by Kever Rashbi (people go camp out there early before Lag B'Omer in order to make sure they get in, to get a good spot, etc) - he was arrested for never having appeared before the IDF draft board to get his army deferral/exemption. Essentially he was AWOL.

The Peleg people are now threatening to hold hafganot and block roads tomorrow afternoon/evening on roads leading to Meron. 

Tomorrow night is Lag B'Omer and tends of thousands, or hundreds of thousands, of people will be travelling to Meron from all around the country to celebrate by Kever Rashbi. Hafganot on the roads leading to Meron will be devastating.

Additionally, they say that Rav Shimon Bar Yochai who was persecuted by the government for learning Torah will be there for anyone being moser nefesh to learn Torah today in Eretz Yisrael. 

That's a funny comparison. Especially in the defense of someone who gave up learning Torah a couple days early to go hang out by Kever Rashbi instead of just going up Thursday night or Friday morning and spending these days learning Torah.

A reporter from Hamechadesh has reported (on the Hamoked News whatsapp broadcast), though it isnt on their site yet, that the Eida Hachareidis is upset by this threat of a protest by the Peleg while people are trying to get to Meron. The Eida has said they have no problem with them protesting on Friday, on the way back from Meron, but in no way will they allow Peleg to protest on Thursday night. Sounds reasonable - protest and create unreasonable traffic jams on Friday when people are trying to get home for Shabbos. 

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  1. Of course, R' Shimon wasn't persecuted for learning Torah, he was persecuted for criticizing the Romans. But we don't expect these people to actually know these things.

  2. Quite ironic that if they had blocked roads to Meron effectively, they'd have saved lives.


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