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Apr 28, 2021

Picture of the Day

I don't know if this is picture of the day or weird story of the day.

According to the report, someone tried to bring his horse into the elevator of a [luxury] apartment building in Tel Aviv. He and his friend were arrested, though I am not quite sure why. TOI says he was suspected of having abused the horse. Just because he tried to bring the horse into the building it was abuse? The other guy was violating his house arrest, so bad on him.

In his defense the owner says he was going to visit a friend and didn't want to leave his horse outside, where it might be stolen. He did not see a sign saying it is illegal to bring a horse in, so he assumed it is ok..

He should have tied his horse up by the local saloon.

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  1. "[he] didn't want to leave his horse outside, where it might be stolen"

    Is horse thievery a serious problem in Tel-Aviv?

    Maybe they should do as in the Old West and administer capital punishment.


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