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Apr 25, 2021

The Jerusalem Jew who is really a goy

Have you heard the old story of of the goy who bought the community's chametz for Pesach and then turned out to be a Jew?

What about the story, joke actually, of the fellow learning in yeshiva with his chavrusa for 15 years and then one day tells his chavrusa he isn't Jewish. What do you mean you are not Jewish - you have been learning in yeshiva and learn as well as anyone else! Well, I love the learning, it is academic and intellectually stimulating, but I am not Jewish.  What do you mean you are not Jewish - you eat only food with the best, most stringent, hechsherim!? I like the food, no problem. What do you mean you are not Jewish - we know a goy that keeps Shabbos is punishable by death, and I have seen for 15 years how strict you are in your Shabbos observance!? Well, actually I make sure to keep something in my pocket, so whenever I go outside I am actually carrying, so I never kept Shabbos. But there is an eruv! You think I hold of the good for nothing Rabbi's eruv? He doesn't know enough halacha to make a kosher eruv!

Well, this is not a joke or a laughing matter, but this incident in Jerusalem did remind me of that joke.

The Haredi community in Givat Hatzarfatit, French Hill, in Jerusalem was rocked when it turned out that a local well known family of immigrants form the United States were actually Christians, not Jewish. They were embedding themselves in the community to eventually missionize to Christianity. They got in with forged paperwork and settled in French Hill in Jerusalem and lived there for years as frum jews and pillars of the community. Mr Fraud was known well as a kohen, redeeming first born sons, along with duchaning and all the other kohen stuff. Additionally he officiated at weddings. He worked as a sofer stam, writing tefillin and mezuzos for people. The children went to the local schools, the cheider and bais yaakov. Mrs Fraud claimed to be the child of Holocaust survivors.

And he is, they are, actually goyim.

It seems their plans got thwarted somewhat when Mrs Fraud got sick with cancer. They raised a lot of money from the community during her illness and after her death, and put their plans on hold, so continued to go mostly undetected. 

Somehow the fraud was recently discovered and Mr Fraud admitted the deception. 

According to Behadrei, this was discovered a little while back but was kept quiet so he would not disappear while they tried to work with the authorities on getting their citizenship revoked. It seems that now he stopped sending his kids to school and have disappeared so they are publicizing this to prevent him from just moving to a different community that might be unsuspecting.

That is a crazy story. Their names and pictures should be publicized, so if they do move to another community, the community will be ale to find out who they really are. 

To think of all those children who will need to be redeemed again, along with people who got married by him especially if he acted at times as a witness. The tefillin and mezuzos he wrote that are invalid that people bought and are using.



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  1. I'll bet he's really Jewish. Only a smart yiddishe kup would be able to pull off everything he did!

  2. No names no dates supplied. This story is made up and is not true. Missionaries don't work this way.

    1. I know the names and have some dates. looking into why names are not being posted in the articles. if I find out it is ok to post, I will add it

  3. 1. how do missionaries work?
    2. so far I am being told names are not being publicized likely for legal reasons.

  4. here is an article with his picture and first name..


  5. here is an updated article on Behadrei that I am told (by someone involved and knowledgeable on the situation) is more accurate than the other articles so far posted

  6. Story doesn't make sense.

    To qualify as a Sofer and to blend in as Jewish the family would have needed to have studied and been active in a Jewish community in the states for years, prior to making Aliya.
    If someone claims to be a Cohen, it would be unusual that no one from the community that they came from would remember him (or other family members).

    with regard to Pidyon HaBen, many people, particularly in the Haredi community look into the Yichus of the Cohen. It would have been a big risk for them to do a Pidyon Haben in that community if they weren't even Jewish.

    Also, when they made Aliya, they would have had to provide proof of their Jewishness or witnesses who knew the family.
    The only plausible explanation that I can think of is that the family is in fact Jewish, but converted to Christianity at some point, but decided to keep their Christianity hidden so that they could target people in the Jewish community who they thought may be susceptible to Christian teaching.

    But I imagine there is more to this story than is being reported.

  7. If, in fact, these people are goyim and have committed such an evil fraud where members of the Jewish community have been personally effected by their con-job, they MUST be arrested and extradited out of the country and never to return. The xtians are gung ho now on converting the Jews more than ever and, in general, there is a very big move on the part of the 'religions' to make a one world religion (avoda zora) and make Jerusalem their unholy place, c'v. If these were fraudulent chareidi Jews, they'd be hunted down.

  8. more details here:

  9. https://www.timesofisrael.com/shock-in-jerusalem-community-as-rabbi-outed-as-undercover-christian-missionary/

  10. Here is his stack exchange profile:


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