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Apr 29, 2021

replaced by a pig

Back in the day, specifically the initial lockdown a year ago, the streets were so empty of human traffic, foot or vehicular, that all sorts of wildlife were seen entering cities and wandering around, maybe looking for food or entertainment... in some places this continued much longer, to different degrees, even though people were out and about, it was still much quieter than normal and more welcoming for the animals.

I must note that this was not unique to Israel. This phenomenon was happening in places all around the world.

In Haifa, and other cities in northern Israel, they were plagued by wild boar roaming the city. The boar have remained until now, perhaps in smaller numbers and likely with decreasing frequency. I happened to be in Haifa one day this week and did not notice any, but the news has reported on the phenomenon that continues to this day.

It seems though that these wild boar are not just a nuisance, knocking over garbage cans, frightening children, digging up gardens and the like. They are also replacing husbands - well, at least one.

Mako is reporting that a couple in Haifa have registered for divorce over one of these wild boar. 

The Husband, a man in his forties, and his wife of 17 years, are splitting up. He claims that she has chosen the wild boar over him. They come into the garden, which they have destroyed, and she encourages them by feeding them.

He is upset that they have destroyed the garden, but he is also frightened that one day it might attack him. Not only that but he claims that she refused to let him have pets like a parakeet, but now she is letting the wild boar into the garden and taking care of them.

He says he brought in a professional to get rid of them and prevent them from coming in to their garden, but she refused to allow the work to be done.

She says she likes the animals and if he cannot live with them he is welcome to leave.

the beis din sent them to "shalom bayit" to work this out and attempt to prevent a divorce.

It can't feel good to be replaced by a wild boar.

source: Mako

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  1. Sad story. But she's probably like, "Hey, 1 less chazir to feed!"

  2. In a way, nothing to laugh about for at least two good reasons. 1) There should not be even one chazir in the Land of Israel, but maybe it's telling the secularized Jews something. There are many in Haifa. 2) Maybe it's good pushing the husband to divorce because she needs 'help'!


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