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Apr 18, 2021

Netanyahu's favorite toy

So tonight an idea was floated to "solve" the political deadlock.

I don't know who came up with the idea, but Aryeh Deri said he is planning to propose it tomorrow as law.

The idea is some sort of electoral reform. The system would be reformed to have two separate ballots, with direct elections for Prime Minister, and a separate election for Knesset. This would allow Netanyahu, or whoever would win the direct election, to be Prime Minister regardless of a coalition in Knesset being formed.

The truth is that this seems unlikely, or even impossible, to pass right now. Netanyahu probably does not have the numbers to pass it, plus without a Justice Minister this cannot advance past the first reading (I think) anyway.

We all know and recognize that electoral reform is needed. 

This is not it though.

And I do not say that because I am some sort of expert in electoral reform or electoral systems.

I say it because this is just another example of Netanyahu and his people treating us as his playthings.

If you want electoral reform, appoint a committee or think tank to study the issue and make recommendations how to best reform the system so we will have stable elections that reflect the will of the people and enable the people of Israel to vote and voice their electoral choices, with proper and fair representation.

Coming up with a solution in five minutes without studying the issue and pushing it just because it is good for one specific person is not stable government but treating the people like fools and playthings. 

Besides for this, this direct election thing was tried back in the 90s and Netanyahu scrapped it after he did not like the results, as it ended up giving small parties too much power. So he did not like it then, so he scrapped it, but now it can help him so he wants it back. The system is not his to toy with. 

The State of Israel is bigger than Benjamin Netanyahu, with all due to respect. As successful a Prime Minister as Netanyahu has been in many aspects, this country is not his private playground.

Electoral Reform is clearly needed. Do it properly though, not just to help one person get what he wants. 

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  1. Aside from a caretaker government having no business dealing with electoral reform, I don't understand what this proposal is supposed to accomplish.

    - An election just for the Prime Minister, is still an election.
    - Let's say all goes according to plan, Bibi receives the mandate. How is that any different than the mandate he already has and can't work with?

  2. good question. I am not sure of the details but the idea is that he would not be beholden to the Knesset. it would be two separate processes. Netanyahu would be PM, and the Knesset would function independently. he would still need a coalition, but it gives him more leeway and he would not go to elections again just because the knesset does or something like that


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