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Apr 22, 2021

dressed up as a woman to avoid arrest

Sometimes arrests are funny.

The police have been conducting raids in Mea Shearim recently in order to arrest troublemakers who have been violent in recent protests against the expansion of the light rail line.

One of the arrests made the other day was of a young man, a boy.

This person arrested - I dont know how old he is but in his pictures that I saw he looks pretty young - saw the police coming and ran to hide and conceal himself. He did so by putting on a dress and tichel.
sources: Ynet, Kikar

Besides for that he lied several times about his name, giving the police different names at different times. In the video of him being led away he is laughing and joking. He looks like a kid who makes trouble and just has a good time doing it. The kind of kid who is just looking for some action.

Funny that he went to hide and threw on a dress and tichel. Funny that he didn't have a problem with the issur of "lo tilbash" - wearing women's clothing. Such a frum guy, labeled a religious zealot and extremist, protesting the light rail that might cause their neighborhood to change somewhat, but no problem with an actual halachic issue.

Still, a humorous, and ironic, incident.

I do wonder if the frum publication will post his picture in their newspapers. On the one hand he was dressed up like a woman and they do not publish pictures of women. On the other hand, he is not a woman but a man, and publishing his picture should be ok. I wonder which way they would decide such a situation. 

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  1. Is dressing up like a woman to avoid arrest an Issue D'Oraisa or is that only to be able to mingle with women?

    1. not sure what you mean. the explanation of the issue of cross dressing is that it is done for the purpose of inappropriate mingling. the issue though, as far as I know, is not limited to being done for that purpose. The issur itself, as far as I know, is generic. maybe he can excuse it by saying pikuach nefesh as the police were looking for him and they consider zionist police to be dangerous...

    2. the issur, not the issue

    3. If that was the issur, there wouldn't need to be a special exception for Purim, and there is.

  2. He should be drafted! All that energy and creativity would be put to good use in the army, and he would probably thrive there!


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