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Apr 18, 2021

keep your stupidity to yourself

There is some new trend on Tik Tok. Arab kids video themselves attacking Jews in some way and running off. There have been a couple of Tik Tok clips  of Arabs slapping Haredi Jews on public transportation, some elsewhere, some with the Arabs knocking the black hat off and running away...

Some of these have been reported to the police with a couple of arrests made.

There are a lot of stupid video trends on Tik Tok. As long as they are harmless, or at least harmless to everyone else besides for the person doing it, I don't care. People can be as stupid as they want to be. Hurting other people is not right though. Eat your own Tide Pod or run alongside a moving vehicle and jump in or out or whatever, you are only hurting yourself. Keep your stupidity to yourself and don't hurt other people for your video likes.

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