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Apr 18, 2021

Just open Meron for Lag B'Omer

I am not sure what the big deal is with the guidelines for Lag B'Omer. 

The health officials still have not decided on the guidelines for going to Meron on Lag B'Omer (April 29th, at night, if I am not mistaken). The are still debating the numbers of people to be allowed, along with the possibility of blockading the indoor section of Kever Rashbi, and now also debating the food situation - with so much food being distributed at Kever Rashbi during Lag B'Omer, this ios being thought to be a risky situation and is under consideration.

The entire country is opening up. As pointed out already, Temple Mount is being opened for Arabs during Ramadan with no limits in numbers. The mandate requiring the wearing of masks has already been revoked (when outdoors). 

Just open the freaking place and let people go. Keep it all outdoors, say only those vaccinated or recovered can go (even though this wont be adhered to and there wont really be any way to check with the masses of people pushing to get in), keep it all outdoors, and let people get themselves sick if they want. Anybody who thinks it will be dangerous, shouldn't go. I would have no problem also saying that anyone who catches CoronaVirus while there and found to not have kept the guidelines will have to pay for his own treatment and it won't be covered by the State or Kupat Cholim, but I am not sure they will have a way to know exactly where a person caught it to be legally possible to determine this. By now the risk is so low, evidenced by the quick re-opening of the country with the numbers still remaining very low, that they should just open it up and let people take some responsibility for themselves at this point.

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