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Apr 22, 2021

Yehuda Meshi Zahav's suicide note

The Yehuda Meshi Zahav situation, which went from bad to worse, from horrific to tragic, was one that I did not really have anything to say about. What he was accused of was horrible, the supposed cover up, for years, was horrible, and if true everyone involved should be punished harshly.

Today's suicide attempt that left him in critical condition added an element to the story. As if the family has not suffered enough, now they have this painful incident to deal with as well.

But now somehow his suicide note has been leaked to the news media. 

in his note he says he has already received his punishment. he implores people to remember the good he did, and to always remember what he himself forgot - there is a watching eye, a hearing ear and all your actions are written in a book. He signed the note saying I always loved you and am very embarrassed.

When I first saw this a short while ago, I had two initial immediate thoughts.

My first thought was to wonder why this is not a personal family matter and why was this released to the public. How dare the police publicize this, unless they got permission from the family - but if so, the release should include that information, that the family chose to publicize it.

A short while later Meshi Zahav's lawyer put out a statement claiming this note is fake and it is not his signature or handwriting. So, if true. that is just cruel on the part of whoever put it out - not cruel to Yehuda Meshi Zahav. I dont care about him, but his family did not do anything wrong and they are suffering enough. There is no need or benefit in being cruel to his family.

My second initial thought was to wonder, if the suicide note is not a fake, could this be used as evidence of guilt, an admission, in court, should he survive. or should his victims choose to sue his estate for damages if he dies.

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