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Apr 22, 2021

good job Smotritch

MK Betzalel Smotritch (Hatzionut Hadatit) deserves some praise.

The other day an agunah situation was being dealt with in beis din. It was going on for a long time unresolved, when both parties requested the presence of Smotritch. This person had held out for a long time and had already been dealt sanctions by the beis din for refusing to give the get - he had his license revoked and had undergone public shaming. It seems he recently agreed to give the get but then turned it into a financial dispute, seemingly over what to do with the joint apartment. 

In order to resolve the dispute, Smotritch agreed to sign as a guarantor for the sum of 650,000nis.
source: Hamechadesh

Whatever the exact details of the case were, and they were not really made available to the public so we don't really know, Smotritch got involved and personally put himself at risk in order to resolve the situation and help the aguna get her get.

I have no idea why both the husband and wife asked for Smotritch, of all people. And helping one person in such a situation is not the same as setting policy that will help all such situations, but helping one person, while putting himself at risk, is still more than most others are doing. 

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1 comment:

  1. It's hard to say to any individual, but if batei din refused to allow any money to be handed over a lot of problems would eventually disappear.


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