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Apr 20, 2021

saved from the shave

An Orthodox Hassidic Jewish sailor in the US Navy, aboard Aircraft Carrier Theodore Roosevelt, has been fighting for an exemption from shaving. he wants to keep his beard for religious reasons.

You can read about the history and the back and forth between the sailor, Edmund De Liscia, his commanders and the courts in these military websites.

Interestingly, the court ordered a temporary restraining order until the end of the month. That means his commanders cannot force him right now to shave, and it seems a decision will be taken by the end of the month. 

Which means, that however this turns out for the long term, at least until after Lag B'Omer he won't have to shave, so at least he gets saved from shaving during Omer this year.



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  1. A Hassidic jew named "Edmund De Liscia"? Weird...

  2. there is a lot of weird here. the name. a hassidic jew in the navy. assuming the pic is real, he doesnt look overly hassidic (maybe chabad). but who am I to judge?


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