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Apr 12, 2021

Birkat HaIlanot: The Year of the Truck

Last year was maybe the year of the truck.

With all the lockdowns and restrictions on movement due to COVID-19, in an effort to keep people from going out, cities around Israel did things for the residents via truck. We saw simcha trucks going around playing music to keep people entertained and cheered with some holiday spirit. We saw simchas beis hashoeva trucks driving around neighborhoods. We saw bonfire trucks driving around playing Lag B'Omer music. Add others I am forgetting about.

One of the trucks last year was a truck bearing fruit-bearing trees on its flatbed. This truck drove around the city's neighborhoods so that people could say the special bracha on seeing the blossoms of fruit bearing trees during the month of Nissan.

That is now just a memory of this past crazy year.

With Corona pretty much over in Israel (and hopefully soon everywhere else as well), tfoo tfoo tfoo, it seems we no longer need these trucks to help us fulfill our Jewish needs.

Today is the last day of the month of Nissan 5781, making it also the last day, for this year, for saying the bracha on the fruit tree blossoms. if you haven't said it yet but wish to, this is your reminder. No trucks to rely on this year. Go out and find your nearest fruit tree.

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