Apr 7, 2021

Trump Heights takes life

According to Hamechadesh, the first family has moved into the "new" community of Ramat Trump, or Trump Heights, in the Golan Heights.

The Bieber family, probably not Justin, are the first to make the move, with several others set to follow in May. For now the community is set to house 20 "caravillas" for families, with the Biebers moving into the first. 10 additional families have already completed the acceptance process (I have no idea who is supposed to accept them and based on what criteria considering no families have lived there until now, but whatever). 

It is expected that in about another year the various bureaucratic hurdles will have been completed the residing families will be able to begin construction on actual homes.

Honestly I am actually a little surprised, and impressed. I thought that with the political changes and storms, this project would be abandoned and only remember historically as a form of goodwill.

The Biebers say that it is strange waking up to a community with no neighbors, but they know some will be there soon.

Yishuv Kal!

I just hope they fix the sign. Back in December when I was there the T of Trump had been missing and it said Rump Heights.

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