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Sep 18, 2022

5 Para Adumas make aliya

Arnon Segal, Har Habayit activist and possibly future MK or minister as candidate for Hatzionut Hadatit, and brother of leading journalist Amit Segal and son of legendary journalist Chagai Segal, posted the following update from The Temple Institute, Machon Hamikdash,, though I dont know where they posted the original - it looks like it was Facebook and/or Twitter but the post has since been removed.

that is, 5 red heifers were imported to Israel. Via these red heifers will will purify ourselves and fulfill all the service of the Temple properly and very soon. Further updates will be publicized.

I dont know why but I have always been intrigued by the search for a kosher red heifer. If you search the archives of this blog you will see I have posted several times over the years about different attempts to raise a kosher para aduma. I find this exciting and fascinating, even if just to see what they will do with it. And if they lost their kosher status, they will probably make for some good steaks...

While there is no word here from where these cows have made aliya, or what type of aliya benefits they got, they, at least theoretically, could be bringing  with them an exciting and unknown future...

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