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Sep 11, 2022

the anti-vax party seemingly on death's door

That was about as short lived as any political party could possibly live.

Orly Vilnai just recently co-founded a political party called Ometz. Courage. The focus of the party was meant to be on personal rights, with it becoming a home for anti-vaxxers and the anti-5G community, with a special focus on people who refused to cooperate with the Corona rules in recent years.

Vilnai recently admitted in public that she herself got the Covid vaccine because she is in a high risk group. As soon as that became public knowledge, they basically forced her out of the party, essentially putting an end to the project that never even got off the ground.

Maybe the party needed a vaccine of some sort to protect itself from such an early untimely demise...

And I have no idea which side of the political map they were mostly going to be taking votes from so I do not know who this is good for and who this is bad for.

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