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Sep 21, 2022

is the British Mandate still in effect?

I dont want to say this is reminiscent of the British during the Mandate period, but it sort of is.

Har Habayit activist Yehuda Glick and buddies were arrested for blowing shofar outside the walls of Har Habayit. Glick went to court and the court supported him saying there is nothing wrong with him blowing the shofar there.

Shortly after Glick went back with his buddies and again blew shofar outside the walls of the Old City and Temple Mount on the Eastern side, and despite the court ruling, the police again put a stop to it and arrested them.

In that second video, Robert Weinger is blowing the shofar to the tune of Hatikva. I never heard of this fellow, but the Jewish Press says he is one of the best shofar blowers in the world. I have no idea how that is rated and who tested the various candidates. 

Israel Police needs to stop getting involved in these heavy handed activities when no law is being broken. I could understand if this was happening on Har Habayit, they need to keep the peace, it is at least debatable. But outside the city walls?


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