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Sep 12, 2022

looks like the manufactured crisis is over

It seems, as most people expected, that Degel Hatorah and Agudat Yisrael have come to an agreement to continue to run together as a united party (aka joint list) in the coming elections.

The surprising part of the agreement is that it came with so much time to spare. They could easily have dragged this out a couple more days.

That being said, I dont understand what about this agreement is attractive that Belz agreed to it. According to the part that under ideological dispute, they have agreed that if the Right Bloc achieves 61 mandates to form a government, Netanyahu would work to provide equal funding to the Haredi schools even without incorporating the core curriculum studies. And if the Right bloc does not achieve 61, then Degel would allow one school from Belz to join Chinuch Atzmai, but only a school that has already been learning core curriculum studies, not one that will start and not any more than one.

Obviously if they get 61 that will provide a great solution for them (if Netanyahu goes through with his side in this) but if not, Belz is getting almost nothing. One school? How does that solve anything for Belz? I dont get it, but they agreed to it, so good luck to them. 

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  1. Think you can do some investigative reporting and explain to us what the 2 sides are. Why is Degel against Belz being part of chinuch atzmai? What was Rav Shteinman against it (as that seems to be their main argument)?
    Who is part of chinuch atzmai?
    What does it matter who is part of chinuch atzamai to begin with? Isnt it just a channel to funnel money from the government to the school systems?
    I have been so confused by all of this.... I would love for someone to explain it all to us

    1. I havent been able to figure it out. any of that. the most I have gotten is that I discovered that at some point (I dont remember the year) Rav Shteinman said no more schools to enter chinuch Atzmai and since then they have been strict about that,. That being the case I do not know how they can suddenly decide to let Belz in, or why they didnt before if it is really more flexible than previously assumed. I think CA is mostly Litvish schools with some Gerrer schools as well

    2. Easy. Chinuch Atzmai doesn't have much money.

    3. it is an issue of money but it is more than that. I have heard (dont kniow if it is just accusations or accurate) that Belz also wants to take an administartive role in CA, saying we would be sending thousands more kids to CA schools so we should be part of the decision making process as well, and Degel doesnt want that.
      Additionally, I have heard, that CA run by the Moetzes, was always worried that if they got too big they would attract more attention and mroe oversight. Supposedly that is why at some point the Moetzes and Rav Shteinman said no more schools to be allowed in.

  2. This is a case of simple math. UTJ is polling at 7 seats meaning if they split, they are likely to have one or both of the individual parties fall below the electoral threshold. As you said this is a manufactured crisis that was going to have a resolution. I don't think Belz had much leverage and would have to accept whatever agreement was reached. Especially since the fight was allegedly lshem shamayim.

    If Bibi wins, the entire Haredi school system gets more money unconditionally. If Bibi doesn't win UTJ could find themselves in a kingmaker position. They could leverage this agreement into a major condition of joining a non-Bibi government.

    This is a huge win for UTJ to take into coalition negotiations. Belz is not in a position to leverage any more than what they already got.

  3. the one school that would be part of CA is perhaps Beis Malka (the Beis Yaakov equivalent for belz) . They have some limudei liba.


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