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Sep 13, 2022

he might or might not do it, but he can at least talk about it

Netanyahu has recently been announcing plans for bringing down the cost of living - basically increasing subsidies to make things cheaper for people, though of course that means we will pay more in the long run, whether that is good or bad is another issue.

A lot of people criticize him for these plans (such as adding free education for children ages 0-3, and the latest being cancellation of the Standards Authority or change the funding rules for the private an dsemi-private Haredi school systems). They say he is clearly not telling the truth as he has been Prime Minister for 12 years consecutively and never did any of that - if he could have, why didnt he, and if he couldnt have why is he saying that now he can?.

I dont think it is generally a fair criticism. Different political constellations allow for different opportunities. Additionally, new ideas come forth at different times. Maybe he was not able to shut down the Standards Authority previously or maybe he never thought of the idea previously. 

You might believe he is going to do it now if given the opportunity or you might think it is just another election promise that will not actually happen, but there is nothing wrong with his presenting new ideas just because he did not do it previously.

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