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Sep 12, 2022

Iran deal off, for now

According to Prime Minister Yair Lapid the impending deal with Iran is now either delayed or completely off the table, with no negotiations happening at this time, nor are they expected to be renewed any time soon.

Hopefully Lapid is correct and they aren't pulling some fast one behind his back, and hopefully they wont all go back to the table next week.

That being said, with the deal off, at least for now, this is a major success for Lapid and his team. Netanyahu had us believing only he and his antics and loud aggressive behavior could thwart the Iranian deal. He also pointed to the calm and quiet coming from Lapid's office to show that Lapid is not taking the deal seriously, he is not working hard enough to thwart it, etc. Now we see other people are just as capable as he, and they can do it in a quieter fashion without making it all about himself.

This could be a big blow to Netanyahu in the upcoming elections if people take a moment and realize this.

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