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Sep 8, 2022

revoke the Disengagement law or not

Gadi Eizenkot, candidate for Knesset on the party list of Hamachane Hayehudi, related to the talk about demands to revoke the Disengagement law and resettle Gaza and the Northern Shomron towns with Jewish communities.

Eizenkot said that revoking the Disengagement Law would be a disaster. Eizenkot said the people behind this talk are creating a disaster and don't even know what the ramifications of such actions will be, being that it would lead to Israel becoming a bi-national state.

Obviously Eizonkot was attacked from politicians on the Right over this. The standard attack is that Eizenkot has revealed himself as fully Left, and all that.

Left or Right is hard to define, as people have different positions on different topics, some more Right, some more Left. That being said, it would be wise of politicians on the Right criticizing anyone over this specific issue to remember that it was the Right who passed and fulfilled the Disengagement Law. the Likud under Ariel Sharon and others was behind it. Then for 12 consecutive years of Benjamin Netanyahu (who initially also voted in favor of the Disengagement) as Prime Minister of Israel the Disengagement Law was never revoked nor did he try to.

So with the Right ultimately responsible for the Disengagement, I am not sure they should be attacking Eizenkot for this specific opinion. 

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  1. I presume this post is sarcastic - surely you don't really expect intellectual honesty from politicians, and especially during election season.

  2. Is anyone at all seriously suggesting putting a group of Jews into the middle of the Gaza strip?? And then assigning Tzahal to protect them??

    1. That was my contention prior to disengagement
      That marginalized myself and perceived as maverik radical among the bulk of my peers then

    2. To be fair it did work for 16 years prior to the first intifada
      Declining will from on top regarding Israel Commonwealth brought it steadily down

  3. The party is המחנה הממלכתי


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