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Sep 29, 2022

the myth busters of Lev Tahor cult

I admit I am disappointed. 

it seems that the authorities in Mexico recently arrested a bunch of members of the Lev Tahor cult. After a few days of sitting in jail it seems they all escaped last night.

I grew up on television and movies that depicted Mexican prisons as cruel, dirty, and extremely harsh places that were practically impossible to break out of, and it always seemed like a non-violent person might not even survive such a prison.

If these cult members of Lev Tahor, not exactly the type of hardened violent criminal imagined as standard in a Mexican prison (though they are rapists and whatever else they do wrong) could break out of a Mexican prison so easily, what does that say abut all those depictions of Mexican prisons in Hollywood?

Very disappointing.

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  1. I think you're confusing Mexico with, say, Turkey. You don't remember El Chapo? Dude drove a *motorcycle* out of prison.

    How did they get out? Bribes, most likely. Lots of third world countries work on bribes. One piece of life advice Jonah Goldberg's father gave him was, "If you're ever stopped by a traffic cop in Latin America, the proper response is, 'I'm so sorry, officer, I didn't know I was breaking the law. Can I pay the fine here and not have to go to the police station?'"

  2. This sounds like a Mel Brooks movie. Hasids jailed in Mexico, escape and travel across the desert.

  3. Blogmaster is totally confused. These guys were not in a normal prison but merely an immigration detention center. Secondly, the "criminals" were not in any way violent or belligerent people. The "rape" which a few were accused of was statutory, since they married underage girls (who, while we think this is abuse of minors, nevertheless largely bought into it with consent). And the majority were women and children whose "crime" was simply participating in this extreme religious community. So, as much as the cult is abhorrent to us, the reality is that they are basically innocent people with complex psychological problems which brings them to want such a cult.... and so the authorities were treating them with kids gloves.


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