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Sep 19, 2022

show Hadar Muchtar some respect

Hadar Muchtar.

Hadar Muchtar has become a disruptor. While initially she made a lot of noise but went by mostly unnoticed, she built up a following using social media with non-stop posting on all the platforms and built a following, so is now disrupting the elections. She is young, she knows social media, she uses it natively, and has a big following. Whether or not that will translate into a successful campaign with entry into the Knesset (for her party, not for her) remains to be seen, but there is no denying that she has drawn a lot of attention to her campaign.

And I think it is getting harder for her as she draws more attention, not easier.

I like that Hadar Muchtar is young and running for Knesset, trying to make change, trying to improve society for the future of the youth. I get why politicians attack her, as they are campaigning for votes that she might be taking away, or at least trying to, but I dont understand why general people are attacking her. Even if people dont want to vote for her, if they dont trust her, if they dont relate to the issues she raises, if they dont care for her style, if they are sworn followers of this or that other politician - whatever reason you might have for not liking or supporting Hadar Muchtar, I think you should be happy that she is trying to do something normally done by older stodgy people, mostly men, while the younger crowd are mostly ignored or treated like kids who should be seen and not heard. She founded a startup. She could be, and maybe she should be, focused on that, leaving politics to the career politicians who do nothing but fight and make promises they likely wont keep. But she is putting herself in the middle of a campaign, for the goal of improving society for the future of the youth of Israel, and she herself cant even run for Knesset because she is too young. . Again, you dont have to identify with her campaign, but doesnt she deserve a little respect for what she is trying to do? It would be the easiest thing in the world for her to build her startup and rake in the money (hopefully) until she sells the company, and she could be doing whatever else normal 20 years olds do - go to the army, date, work, study, whatever.

I think she made some mistakes in her campaign - that thing with the signs attacking her that it turned out she printed herself, the issue with the apartment in her name, the mistaken identity when people discovered she is the daughter of a billionaire (she supposedly isnt) or that she has a Mercedes (she doesnt but got a ride from someone in one) and some others. She is who she is and she has what she has. Is it a crime to be rich (whether she is or isnt doesnt matter) - does anyone attack Bibi, Deri, Lapid, or any of the other 160 or so MKs and ministers and deputy ministers just because they are wealthy (I do always wonder how career politicians become wealthy, though some people go into politics after amassing some wealth, such as Bennett and Nir Barkat and I am sure some others) and have nice homes (often several of them) and cars? Why should she be attacked for these things, even if they were true?

That being said, she does need to be more transparent. If she is going to keep everything about herself secret, she needs to react better and more earnestly when things are discovered. She put herself into the public sphere - people are looking into her background. She needs to be aware of that. She should be aware of that, expert social media user that she is she should know people will find out almost everything about her.

Hadar Muchtar needs to clean things up but in my opinion, like her or not, I respect her for running. And if she gets her party into the Knesset, and maybe herself into a government position, I think the next government of Israel could be a lot of fun and very interesting, and obviously chaotic.

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