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Sep 15, 2022


UTJ always runs some sort of a "gevalt" campaign before the elections, saying how Judaism is being threatened and/or already destroyed and for one reason or another the party itself is under threat of shrinking and not being strong enough to protect the Jewishness of the country or even our own Jewish lives of the frum community. It usually seems to work in some capacity and while the party electorally only grows very slowly and in small bits form election to election, they at least have been pretty stable and held their power.

In this election cycle the campaigning has not yet even begun for most parties (Shas has been running perhaps the most focused campaign so far and seem to already be in high gear), or only in a very small way, but the UTJ gevalt campaign seems to already be starting early. They have to rile up their base and get them motivated to vote, and to vote specifically for UTJ.

According to Kikar, senior UTJ people are concerned about the party possibly shrinking due to recent friction between the factions. Even though that was concluded amicably, they are supposedly worried the process itself has turned off a lot of people (and especially Belzers might not feel like voting), along with some of the younger  crowd being attracted to Itamar Ben Gvir... all this adds up to a possible drop to 6 seats.

True or not I have no way of knowing, but this looks like what is the start of a gevalt campaign.

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