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Sep 21, 2022

Lapid and the Two State Solution

There is big news right now about PM Yair Lapid supposedly planning to announce in his United Nations speech his support for a Palestinian State, saying it is time we separate ourselves from the Palestinians.

I dont know the exact details of what he is planning to say or what his plan is, but the news is saying at least that much.

We can be outraged by this - how dare he! etc. but let us not forget that Benjamin Netanyahu as Prime Minister in 2009 went ahead of gave a famous speech in Bar Ilan in which he expressed support for a Palestinian State, so Lapid isnt really doing anything new now that Netanyahu himself did not already do. The real question in my mind is what Lapid is going to offer, what he thinks he can put into his plan for a Palestinian State that would satisfy the Palestinians and get them to accept it. Several Prime Ministers have already made generous offers to the Palestinians and they have rejected it each time, so what does PM Lapid plan to do differently, or is this just for the sake of the speech itself (and the effect it will have on elections)?

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