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Sep 22, 2022

the drinking with a straw begins

Several elections ago I stopped posting the compilations of election campaign ads of the varius parties. I am making an exception for this ad from the Likud, specifically Benjamin Netanyahu, because I like it, though not much as a campaign ad. It doesnt talk about policy or anything like that...

Besides for being a nice video, here is how I see this form the perspective of a campaign ad.

Just this morning Netanyahu caught heat from the Haredi parties. He arranged a campaign stop in Bnei Braq. UTJ always throws a fit when any other party tries to campaign in their backyard - they think they own the Haredi vote and nobody else has a right to campaign to their voters. Sometimes they can throw a fit but not actually do anything about it, but with Netanyahu they have the ability to stop him - they are loyal enough to him that he often does what they say, he doesnt want to upset them. So Netanyahu canceled his visit to Bnei Braq. I heard he moved it to Ramat Gan, just over the border, but that is beside the point. He canceled his Bnei Braq visit.

Netanyahu canceled his campaign to the potential Haredi voters, and turned around and started his campaign to the Dati Leumi voters instead. They always talk about how Netanyahu "drank the DL voters with a straw", meaning he campaigned to them and drew away many of those voters to his party away from their "natural" political home. This video is the start of that "drinking their votes with a straw". This video is for the DL voter. The Haredim dont care about this sentiment, and the secular, and the masorati, dont care about this sentiment - not manifested via this tefila (f course they care for the safety of the soldiers). This tefila, this song,  is for the DL crowd. This video, without saying anything political, without making promises, just singing a tefila, is the start of Bibi's campaign to draw away Dati Leumi voters and keep Ayelet Shaked from passing the minimum threshold (and in his opinion hopefully dropping out of the race)

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