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Sep 29, 2022

Unilever threatens Israelis lifeblood

Unilever is one of the leading companies in Israel, or maybe the leading company in Israel, for selling consumer products. They are also largely behind a lot of the recent price hikes - they sell the most, so when they raise the prices, it affects the most, and then other companies follow suit. Whether it is justified or not but rising costs of raw materials is a different issue, but Unilever is behind a  lot of the consumer price increases in Israel.

Several supermarket chains have already stopped selling Unilever products because of the price hikes. They have refused to raise their prices on so many products and told Unilever so, but Unilever hasnt backed down. So some supermarkets have stopped selling their products.

Now Unilever is threatening Israel itself. They are threatening the lifeblood of Israelis. 

According to ICE, they are not impressed by the supermarkets threats to stop selling Unilever products and are now threatening back - if price increases do not get approved and accepted by the supermarkets they will simply refuse to manufacture products, including the Crembo.

The Crembo of Strauss, marketed by Unilever, is one of the greatest selling products in Israel. Not only is it one of Unilever's biggest products but it is also the most beloved product of Israelis, especially come winter time. And Unilever is threatening to simply stop making it, if the stores don't let them raise the price.

Israelis might have to make do with the Crembos of Rio and Feldman, and that might just be too much to ask for. Let's see who blinks first.

Something ironic I noticed is that when Ben & Jerry's recently scuffled with Israel, Jews around the world "boycotted" Ben & Jerry's, and waged a financial campaign against Unilever, while in Israel we continued to buy Ben & Jerry's as a way of supporting the local manufacturer who was fighting against the mothership. Now with Israelis fighting the price hikes, in Israel we are going to ban Unilever and Ben & Jerry's while around the world they are now satisfied that Israel won the scuffle and have gone back to investing in Unilever and consuming Ben & Jerry's...


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  1. They're just a bunch of nice guys - ha, ha! Shanda!

  2. Why would Israelis boycott Ben & Jerry's due to Unilever's actions? Unilever sold the rights to Ben & Jerry's in Israel - they no longer have anything to do with the Israeli manufacturer.

    1. are you sure that is already in effect? I thought it goes into effect next year


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