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Sep 15, 2022

Ramat Bet Shemesh Dalet Israel (RBSD): Real estate game changer for English speaking communities (video)

I have seen his car driving around town...

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  1. Admirable initiative - if you’re chareidi. As all the the people on this video were.
    “Working People…Learning people … and even dati leumi” !
    Yay for us and our inclusion !!

    1. well, it is a Haredi community. RBS D is haredi in general and this subset is an attempt to build a small anglo haredi community within. they might get the token dati leumi person living there temporarily for the cheap rent with not enough other similar folk to make their own shul.
      you ever see a report about an event and hear about how it was so diverse and was a true display of achdus, and you see the pictures and it was all sorts of people dressed in black and white and some of them had one type of black hat and others had another type of black hat...

    2. Narcissism of Small Differences


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