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Dec 19, 2022

artifacts on the move

According to CNN, the Pope, Pope Francis, has decided to return three pieces form the Parthenon that have been in the papal collections for over a century. These pieces are dated to be 2500 years old. The Pope said he is giving these pieces to Greece, specifically to the head of the Greek Orthodox Church as a gesture of ecumenical dialogue. 

Rome didn't sack the Parthenon and destroy it. I think that was the Persians. But over time at different points different countries and governments looted it, including Rome.

Regardless of the history, if the Pope is in the business of giving back old ransacked historical artifacts int he name of religious dialogue, I can think of some other artifacts some people might like to get back, in the name of religious (though not ecumenical) dialogue, of course.

Feel free to reach out, Pope Francis.

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