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Dec 27, 2022

Netanyahu's internal puzzle

As the new government is about to be sworn in, Netanyahu's last hurdle is the internal division of positions, internal within the Likud. 

Several Likud MKs have been making noise of trouble for Netanyahu, demanding senior positions "or else".

The Likud has primaries, and the MKs are positioned in the Likud according to the results of the primaries. Yes, Netanyahu has a lot of leeway and wiggle room, but in general the primaries are supposed to be the guide for who gets what assignmentss.

It is very nice that Yisrael Katz is extremely senior in the Likud with a lot of ministerial experience, but he only came in at number 12 in the primaries. It is nice that Danny Danon has been around a long time and has seniority with experience, but he only came in at number 15 in the primaries. Others as well, each in whatever slot they landed.

The top slots in the primaries were achieved by Yariv Levin, Eli Cohen, Yoav Galant, Dudi Amsalem, Amir Ochana, Yoav Kish, Nir Barkat, Miri Regev and Miki Zohar (in that order, after Netanyahu).

With all due respect to the more senior Likudniks like Katz, Edelstein, Danon and some others, plenty of other Likudniks came in higher in the primaries. It is not that I don't think they are worthy of the more important assignments that they are demanding - they are. But, they came in much lower than many others in the primaries, and the people who placed higher deserve the more important assignments. That is the point of having primaries.

They might be making some trouble for Netanyahu, but they should not be. They should accept the results of the primaries and their positioning and accept assignments relative to that. Netanyahu should stand strong and tell them they failed in the primaries so the more senior tasks need to go to the people who placed higher.

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1 comment:

  1. And it's not like Bibi even takes into account those who finish high. Barkat never gets anything, despite his loyalty.

    "Or else" what? Do these nonentities actually think they have a shot of even making it into the Knesset without being in the Likud?

    :Looks like they'll have to live on their paltry 50K a month. Boo-frickety-hoo. And lucky us, we'll have to survive without them somehow.


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