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Dec 13, 2022

halachic state

It is one thing, and understandable, for people like Netanyahu and others in the Likud to try to calm people down and say they wont allow it to turn into a halachic state. They dont want that either.

What I dont get is the campaign from UTJ and Shas and DL parties saying it. Isnt that what they want? And if they do not want it, why not? Arent they not fully invested in the State just because it isnt and their ultimate goal would be to turn it into a halachic state? Why are they trying to calm everyone down and saying it is exaggerated and they wont turn Israel into a halachic state? Is it just marketing, despite the increased power they have they want to keep everyone calm while they do it or maybe they think they dont have enough power just yet? Are they not interested in doing that? Not Yet? not at all?

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  1. Can't wait to buy an "eved ivri"

  2. You are fundamentally misunderstanding the Charedi position. They believe that we are still in Golus and the state of Israel has no halachic status. Therefore, there is no room for a halachic state until moshiach comes.


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