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Dec 11, 2022

supply and demand applies to sufganiyot as well

There seems to be some outrage over the increase in the already outrageous prices of the fancy Chanukah donuts, specifically at Roladin, the flagship chain of the fancy donuts. Each fancy Roladin donut is now selling for 16nis. 

In an interview behind a paywall, the CEO and Owner of Roladin complain about the complainers. The only bit I get, because of the Yediot paywall, is that they said people will be 140nis for a birthday cake (actually hundreds more if it is custom made in some design), and will spend 45nis per shawarma for a few shawarmas, but once a yea they get a donut and complain about the price. He says, if it was marketed as any other type of a dessert and not as a donut, they would easily be able to charge 24nis per unit

Nobody is holding a gun to anyone's head and making them by Roladin donuts. If they ae too expensive, go buy a donut in a different bakery, or buy a simpler more normal donut and not one that is sold as an extravagant piece of art and a culinary experience (personally I find many of them too sweet and not as exciting as it looks from a flavor perspective). Too expensive, don't buy. Mitzvat Hayom? Buy your sufganiyot elsewhere. if they are hit in their pockets because people are buying far fewer of their donuts, they will either lower the price or stop making them. Supply and demand is the key. If the people won't buy them at that price point, they will lower the price. If people continue to buy them, they have no reason to lower the price.

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