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Dec 13, 2022

Tweet of the Day

Avremy Yustman, Aguda's guy behind the scenes involved in the campaigns but also in the coalition negotiations, responded to criticism of the negotiations base din information that was leaked to Amit Segal last night by tweeting:

Remember Mansour Abbas?
Leave us alone (a slightly crude slang term for this that I cant translate accurately beyond leave us alone, though much ruder)

Yustman might be somewhat right, but that is an awfully crude and insensitive way to say this. Also, that is ignoring the fact that the 53 billion mantra they kept using about Abbas was a lie, and Netanyahu even told them to stop using it against him as a negotiation tactic because it was a lie.

Yustman was criticized from both the Left (as expected) and from many on the Right for this tweet

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