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Dec 28, 2022

The great Milki scam of 2022

I fell for what might be the biggest scam ever. If you are thinking Madoff level scams, think bigger.

That would be the Milki scam.
I had heard of this new flavor of Milki, but hadn't seen it around in the various stores I shop in. Recently I saw it in the shop and decided to by to try.

Background: Milki is a delightful Israeli pudding type thing that claasicly has chocolate pudding topped with whipped cream. In recent years they have expanded the line to include a variety of flavors like strawberry, vanilla, blondie, Pesek Zman and Mousse,  double chocolate, double cream puddings with cream on top. They also have other things like puddings topped with those different types of candy balls and whatnot and probably some other flavors I am not aware of.

They now have this new flavor, pictured above, which is purely a cup of whipped cream with these chocolatey puffed rice balls to throw in for some flavorful crunch.

I didnt take out a subscription to this, so I didnt fully fall for this scam, but even a one time buy to try is falling for the scam. It would have been much cheaper to buy a can of whipped cream and spray it directly into my mouth. A can of Rich's whipped cream is also better tasting than this, though this was fine. It was fine, but not worth the 3.9nis it cost.

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