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Dec 26, 2022

Tweet of the Day

Haredi journalist (sefardi and loosely associated with Shas) Ishay Cohen discovered, because of an article form another reporter, that one small clause in the coalition negotiations between UTJ and Likud has UTJ demanding an adjustment to a current law against schools that discriminate and dont accept other potential students based on race and ethnicity. UTJ wants it adjusted to remove any penalties that are set in law (even though it is not enforced at this time anyway). Cohen's tweet says that this is nothing less than criminal and Shas cannot sit in a government that will allow discrimination against sefardi girls.

To note, this is a screenshot of the tweet and not the tweet itself because Cohen later erased the tweet. He hasnt explained yet, as of this writing, why he deleted the tweet, but he says he will.

Besides for the fact that Shas has not done anything to prevent the discrimination that has gone on for years, other than talk about how bad it is, and they thwarted all efforts to put an end to it (they think they can only support their own initiatives in this matter, and not when it upsets UTJ), I see another point worth making.

After yesterday's comment by Orit Struk (minister-to-be for Hatzionut Hadatit) that she is going to pass a law that will allow discrimination based on religious sensitivities (she was talking about the medical field, a doctor will be able to claim religious sensitivities in order to refuse to perform a medical procedure the doctor is opposed to), this clause actually becomes irrelevant. Once Struk passes her law, discrimination based on religious sensibilities will be legal, so UTJ affiliated schools will be allowed to say we wont take Sefardi girls "for religious reasons".

UPDATE: Cohen says he deleted the tweet because the journalist who initially reported the information misunderstood what the clause was referring to, and it is not referring to amending the law of discriminating in schools to take away punishments for such discrimination but for something else that I didnt understand. When I asked him on Twitter for explanation of the difference he didnt answer and another journalist retweeting responded that he said he didnt understand the educational budgeting details so doesnt know what ti is  (so I am not sure why he thinks the initial assumption is wrong when it might very well be right since he doesnt know what it is)

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