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Dec 19, 2022

King Charles dances with Holocaust survivors during Jewish community centre visit (video)

the lady he is dancing with is the 93 year old step sister of Anne Frank ...

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  1. I saw this, it was very moving (Mixed dancing issues aside).
    Does anyone know how the woman is related to Anne Frank? I thought that the only survivor from the Secret Annex was Anne's father.

    If Anne Frank's father remarried after the war and had a child, I guess that child would be Anne's step-sister, but would be much younger than 93.

    Did one of Anne Frank's parents have children from a previous marriage before the war?

  2. Found the answer (should have Googled it before I asked the question here)

    Eva Schloss was a neighbor of the Franks, she was the same age as Anne Frank and they lived on the same block before the war. She also went into hiding with her family, but similar to the Franks, her family were eventually captured.
    She and her mother survived, and in 1953 her mother married Otto Frank, making her Otto's step-daughter, and I guess technically Anne's step sister.

    She now works in Holocaust education.

  3. thanks for researching it and letting us know!


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