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Dec 25, 2022

coalition imploding already?

wow, the news the past couple of days has been insane with what looks like an implosion in the coalition "negotiations" (in quotes because they should have been finished already and supposedly were but keep being sort of reopened). Specifically with UTJ, and more specifically with the Degel Hatorah faction.

First, I get that they are at a bit of a loggerheads with their partners in Agudat Israel. Ok, they disagree on some points, want to share power and influence as equally as possible and have some things to work out. What does all that have to do with Netanyahu and the coalition agreements? work that out between yourselves. Netanyahu agreed to all your demands, for the most part, largely, and now Degel doesnt like that Aguda is doing x, y and z - instead of complaining to Netanyahu and demanding more, creating yet another conflict in demands they should just work it out with Aguda.

Second, for everyone who was looking forward to the coalition of a "full right wing" government, if this goes through and they dont implode before they even begin, dont forget that this is what you wished for. Nobody can seem to keep their mouths shut and before they even get sworn in they are already chasing one crisis with the next. Each MK/Minister-elect is seemingly trying to outdo the one who said something before and be more extreme.

Third, I dont know how this happened. The political parties that swore by Netanyahu and went with him through thick and thin in the Opposition and elections despite some probably pretty attractive offers to defect and support others are now doing nothing b7ut making it difficult to form a government. I think they realize Netanyahu needs them, giving them all the ability to make, sometimes outrageous, demands, but it still looks like they do not yet realize that they need Netanyahu just as much as he needs them. At some point he wont just not be able to continue meeting their ever-increasing demands, but he also wont want to, the way they are making him crazy. Will he go to Lapid and/Gantz at some point? I dont know if he is there just yet, but he has to be regretting the bedfellows he has chosen.

Fourth, I see nothing technically wrong with Goldknopf serving in the security cabinet. he is a politician just like the rest of them and he seems pretty smart and can learn the materials and contribute. I get that Degel doesnt want him in (though it might not be their choice), and I get that he said he only demanded it to show that UTJ is equally deserving as all other parties but he wont fill the slot given to him in the cabinet, but I think he can justifiably take it and fill the position and probably do a decent job of it (though he would probably just be a yes-man for Netanyahu). The moral issue is fair, that he represents a community that mostly does not serve so he should not be involved in making decisions to send other people out to war, when his own community is largely unaffected, but technically he is as worthy as anyone else.

Fifth, and last for now, Degel has once again expressed their opposition to taking ministerial positions so as to not share the responsibility of the government when making decisions that are in opposition to halacha. They brought it up again to criticize Aguda for seemingly planning to take a seat in the security cabinet and adding to the level of responsibility. 
Besides for the fact that Aguda does take ministerial positions now based on the decision of their rabbonim, so they should have no problem with it and Degel should accept this just as they already accepted the ministerial issue, this is a prime example of when there is a halachic will there is a halachic way. I havent understood how they differentiate in the level of responsibility of a full minister and of a deputy minister, especially when they negotiate that the deputy should have the authority to the level of a full minister. They are pulling a scam, and now they are using that scam to fight with Aguda who stopped using that scam a few years ago. I dont care about their fight with Aguda, but the concept of being a member of government and taking authority while supposedly not taking responsibility is a sham and a scam. 

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  1. A parasite rarely realizes when it has gone too far and put its host in danger.

  2. The "sane" center went off the rails twice. In the end of 2014, when Lapid was finance minister and he was CUTTING haredi budgets, they turned hard left on the fake peace process and brought down the government. And they also promoted the fake 'media bribery' charges against BB - I vehemently disagree with Yair Netanyahu's "treason" comment but at a minimum, Mendleblitt & Co. should all be DISBARRED from breaking various laws (violating witness' civil rights, opening investigation without authorization and required by law, leaks, etc). I believe the term is "breach of trust" - they ran a POLITICAL campaign on the backs of the taxpayers and based on the citizen's trust of them to follow due process and to equally uphold the law. So the "sane" center started the "only not BB" cult which irrationally disqualified the largest party in Israel. And now the ONLY ones the Likud can work with are the haredim and Smotzrich/Ben Gvir. The "sane" center brought this on themselves, and their Ahmed-Tibi-dependent and Meretz-dependent alternatives are NON alternatives. FINAL NOTE -- the left burns MUCH more money on their stuff than the Harerdi sectoral budgets - NEITHER are justified but I am SICK of the left dishonestly pretending that they are "honest" and budget-conscious as opposed to the 'parasite' Haredim - Supreme Court Judges make north of NIS 100,000 a MONTH. Puleaze !!


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