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Dec 18, 2022

move the Kotel menorah

Behadrei is reporting that the Women of the Wall have submitted a complaint about the menorah lighting ceremony at the Kotel

According to the report, their complaint is that the menorah lighting ceremony takes place every year on Chanukah in the mens section, lighting the menorah set up on a small platform there. Doing the lighting ceremony there, with public figures, excludes women from actively participating in the event.

In their complaint they say this excludes them and discriminates against them base don gender, in a public place managed by a representative of the State of Israel. It is especially egregious considering the fact that there is a very simple solution - putting the menorah for the ceremony out in the plaza outside the prayer area where both men and women can access it.

I would suggest the complaint actually be that the women cannot even see the ceremony because of the way the sections are set up with a high mechitza, but they complained about participation which has zero chance of succeeding

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